Super Urban Wizard

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Super Urban Wizard

Urban wizard is a silly game series about a gangsta’ wizard fighting the forces of evil
to protect his magic bling. But this time the evil Sowron has stolen it.
It’s up to Gundolf the Wizard to take the fight to Sowron, and bust a cap in the A** of Evil!

WASD + mouse controls,
Earn new weapons, power ups and more between stages, this game features relentless onslaughts
of enemies that can at time fill the screen, Use weapons effectively and appropriately to Survive!

Tips -

The “Actual Rail Gun” is a rail gun that fires actual rails, the electromagnetic discharge actually stops enemy bullets and the rounds fired pierce enemies and can hit multiple targets

The “Reality Ripper” Fires magic anti plasma that homes in on Anyone who isn’t down like a clown, (enemies) It’s an effective screen clearer but has limited ammo.

The Friend Maker is all about the friendship, ancient memes be abound!

All guns are automatic by default to save your clicking hand from carpal tunnel!

This game is extremely weird, something that I personally love developing, but is polarizing, people who like it tend to like it a lot, but it’s goofy themes of D&D meets Urban/hiphop culture is, well silly.
Certainly not a game to be taken seriously.

That being said, it is an intense 2d shooter for those with godly reflexes!

    • OS: Windows 7
    • Processor: Dual Core 2 ghz
    • Memory: 512 MB RAM