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Brief description

There are 10 levels available in the current version.
The main character Flyeeex is able to jump run and rotate the level.
In the game you have to collect coins look for a way out and beware of traps Flyeeex very brave warrior.

Feature of game:

  • Collecting coins
  • Jumping over dangerous saws
  • Rotate the entire level


In one very cozy galaxy, around a gentle black star revolved the planet on which the brilliant Creatures lived. Their mood was always cheerful.

Lived they small, together rejoiced good and helped each other in trouble, and so as were they honest, good and sympathetic, evils happened with them very rarely, can be said that almost not happened.

Until one day ... a real alien spaceship appeared Near their planet.

He was very old. It was visible at once: all in spots of rust, scratched by asteroids and space dust, in several places deep dents, some joints of a covering parted and from there pieces of thermal insulation and a wire sadly hung down. Of the dozen engines in working order were only three. However, despite his advanced age, and later it turned out that he was about twenty thousand years old, he still worked.

And so, when he flew to the planet of brilliant beings at the required distance, one of its hatches opened, and stretched out a metal manipulator, dotted with various cameras and scanners.

Turning to the planet, he immediately set to work. Assessed the composition of the atmosphere, temperature, availability of life and natural resources. Then the data was processed by a powerful computer and transmitted through a special device that was the heart of the ship-a hyperspace portal, a huge distance, to the planet of those who created this ship.

Yes, the ship had no crew, it was a robot whose main task was to search for inhabited worlds. And when such a world was, the ship opened a spatial tunnel, and on Board appeared owners.

It was a very convenient technology: it was not necessary to travel through the universe while in suspended animation. In hyperspace, both information and matter are transmitted millions of times faster, and so within an hour in the main hall, the teleport started working, and two people came out of it. Short, about the same as the brilliant creatures on the discovered planet. But their faces did not glow with joy and friendliness, they were frowning and taciturn. They walked to the huge screen in the center of the room, which was lined with equipment, and stared silently at the newly discovered planet.

At last one of them said, " Look what a vile people they are, all smiling like lunatics." To which the other replied “ " What a disgusting world they have." In a matter of minutes, the fate of the planet was decided: through the portal to the main hall of the scout ship, troops of equipment and columns of troops were drawn.

The newcomers were not sociable, concentrated, they were considered bad form laughter and fun, they were angry - this mood was always with them. They were people who relied on technology and computers for everything.

And even their most important ruler was a computer, because they did not trust each other. He was their ruler, and came up with a long time ago to send to all ends of the universe scout ships. Its creators, brilliant beings, unlike the evil ones, who did not know wars, fought very often, almost all the time. This went on for centuries, until one part of them defeated the other. But even after winning, they could not begin to live a happy life. The fear that someone might attack them at any moment poisoned their lives, and although there were no enemies left on their home planet, they immediately began to look for them wherever they could. They began to fear that one day someone might come to them from the depths of space and enslave them.

They did not believe that good beings could live in the universe, because they themselves had exterminated such in their society. And so when they created a robot ruler, they asked him the question of how to protect themselves from such an invasion in the absolute sense. Their ruler was a powerful computer, but he thought computer-straight. After spending no more than a few microseconds solving the problem, he replied, " We must carry the values of our society to all living beings in our universe."

"If they become like us and join our civilization we will not need to fear attack, they will live by our laws!»

At first the evil beings behaved politely and cautiously among the geniuses. They even tried to re-educate brilliant creatures, and some became even slightly angrier. But when a few of these people died of anguish, brilliant creatures realized that they will not succeed. They began to remake the planet, everything they could reach, they began to put in hard black barbed armor, as on their home planet. So that ingenious creatures had to retreat on land, which still not typically recognized remake under themselves green.

And here is, when on the entire planet has remained only a small part of, where they still could routinely to live, all ingenious beings gathered and decided send his defender of and deliverer on contest, which staged a evil invaders, both sides agreed to that in case victory evil newcomers will retreat.

Brilliant beings have achieved something, their civilization was based on biotechnology, they grew plants and knew how to grow exactly what you need! So they gathered all their strength and knowledge and raised... HIS super defender!

It was a creature of incredible courage and agility. It was a living organism, strong and brave able to challenge machines to evil invaders. Each of the main scientists, brilliant creatures, laid in a new hero special abilities: he could rotate the whole building, move quickly, and deftly jump.

The great beings had hope and began the test: it was necessary to pass the test repeatedly collecting coins, dodging obstacles and move to the teleport.
    • OS: Windows 7 or later
    • Processor: intel x86 family, 2Ghz
    • Memory: 1 GB RAM
    • Graphics: opengl 2.0 supported graphics card
    • Storage: 180 MB available space